Craft Republic – About Us

As girlfriends, both of us being wives and hands on full time moms, our usual conversation goes around topics like new quick and easy recipes to try, ways to decrease expenses and better budget our finances, exchanging notes on how better to parent our beautiful kids, sharing craft ideas we can do as we both love doing crafts, and looking for better ways to maximize our kids’ potential, enhancing their creativity, building positive self esteem, diverting good use of our children’s time and resources… 

 it was these common things that made us create Craft Republic.

We at Craft Republic aim to encourage creativity, develop patience and perseverance, create healthy and creative environment for both children and parents to enjoy activities together, build positive self esteem ,fun memories and strengthen confidence through an artistic 

- Gaylie and Tonette

  • "Thank You Craft Republic! Tirone and his friends enjoyed their craft activity during his birthday! My son was so excited he woke up early the next morning wanting to do his Robo..."
  • "Craft republic's paper clay art is the perfect entertainer for every children's (and adult's) birthday party alike. It keeps the children very occupied whilst learning at the sa..."
    Kristine Zamora
    Delighted Mum