What is Paper Clay art

- Moist, soft and moldable coloured paper that requires no heating or baking.  Easily adheres to most surfaces without using adhesives.

- Textured finish like no other, another dimension    to any artwork or surface.

- Easy to dry which results in a highly durable and light weight work of art.

- Like any coloured art medium, mix any colour to achieve any gradient or tone.

- Water based material, NON-TOXIC and safe for children. ASTM D-4236

- Clean, odourless and safe for the environment.

- Can be combined to other craft or art materials such us: glitters, sequins, beads etc. (not included)

- Best for scrapbooking.

- Paper clay can adhere to any surface such as" glass, ceramics or any hard surface

Why Paper Clay art.

- Great for developing motor skills.

- Enhances creativity and imagination.

- Develops patience and perseverance.

- Develops cognitive skills through colour perception and colour recognition.

- Promotes self-expression.

- Enhances self-esteem.

- Perfect homeschool or craft activity.

- Perfect for group activities.

- Children can learn while having fun.

- Enhances mental focus and concentration.

- The perfect stress buster.

- Spend time creatively.

- of course just because its FUN!

How to do a Paper Clay art

Good to know: Take your time in doing your paper clay art. Make sure the paper clay is evenly applied with the right amount of depth to achieve consistency. 

1) Place a small amount of paper clay from the container using the crafting sticks to the board.

2) Patiently apply the paper clay to your design covering all areas between the outlines.  Make sure to evenly fill all the spaces on the outline.

3) Leave to dry for at least 30 minutes, which will result to an evenly embossed, air-hardened and textured  paper clay artwork..

4) For an added glossy effect, apply a generous amount of clear crafting glue (not included) on top of the paper clay.

5) If unused paper clay begins to dry, like any regular clay, carefully add a few drops of water and gently mix until evenly moist.